About Lune Trading

Lune Trading is a software and development company that focuses on enhancing the trading experiences of traders all over the world. We provide a comprehensive suite of premium resources that includes TradingView indicators, algorithms, strategies, and tools for traders and investors of all experience levels.

Traders can experience the future of technical analysis with our Premium TradingView Indicator Suite, packed with advanced features and functionality to help you make smarter trades and investments. Our indicators offer customizable input parameters, multiple time frames, real-time alerts, and more, our powerful TradingView Indicator Suite is a must-have for any serious trader.

Why Lune Trading?

Lune Trading was founded after coming to the realization that the average trader was completely lost when it came to trading and the process of creating a strategy. Our goal is to create powerful Premium Trading Indicators and Tools, that help traders make more informed decisions.

We are highly community oriented and take our user's feedback to heart. This is one of the many reasons why we have a trading community with over 5000+ discord members.